Friday, December 3, 2010

Rad eCommerce Experience

I always like to use this blog to highlight a positive experience that demonstrates particular sales and service excellence, so today I would like to talk about Blackhole Boards. But first some context: recently my 6 yr old son took up skateboarding and shows some real aptitude for it. His first board has been put through the wringer and it is time (already!) for a new one.

Now buying a skateboard for a 6 yr old is not that simple as he can't ride full-sized boards yet and there are a limited amount of ones available for his age group (proper ones not play ones that is). So I bit the bullet as it were and after a couple of unsuccessful trips to local skate shops I went online and tried a few sites before settling on Blackhole Boards.

Thanks to a very easy interface I was able to custom assemble a board choosing the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, screws and grip (yes every single component can be chosen from a mind boggling array of choices) and then I selected to have them custom assemble the board (believe you me, there is no way I am letting my son on anything built by yours truly!). Once I completed the board and hit purchase I succumbed to a moment of panic wondering if I had selected the right sizes etc. so I clicked on Live Chat and within seconds I was reassured I would be contacted immediately by the assemblers should anything not look right or be a correct selection. Feeling better I was then surprised to receive an email within 30 minutes of placing the order announcing that the board was assembled and had been submitted for shipping.

And one day later (yes one day!) I am staring at fantastic FLIP board with custom fittings – now that is what I call an excellent, efficient ecommerce experience. It certainly knocks the myth of the skateboard slacker on the head! We could all learn a thing or two from such ease of doing business! Now that is rad eCommerce.

Keep on grinding guys! (I am trying to learn the lingo…).

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  1. Excellent posting - some of these kind of businesses are really setting eComm standards - maybe they are just more creative by nature?