Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impacting the Recovery

It has been a very busy time of late due to my being given a unique opportunity to run not one but two companies simultaneously. In addition to my role at Huthwaite, I am now also running Omega Performance, a sister company in the Informa family of Performance Improvement businesses.

This dual role has confirmed for me that the fundamentals of running a successful business are neither complex nor mysterious. There are in essence three components:

1. Understand your customer and evolve with their changing needs - i.e. stay close and connected to them.
2. Deliver high quality products and services that are aligned and constantly realigned to those changing needs
3. Be lean and efficient as an organization - keep your processes simple and effective and exceed customer expectations when you deliver

I am fortunate that both businesses are at the front end of driving economic recovery; Huthwaite by helping the direct revenue generating components of organizations, such as Sales & Marketing, drive more business and Omega by ensuring that financial institutions can source and qualify borrowers (whether large businesses or small) and match them with quality loans.

Being able to play a direct role in helping drive businesses back to growth whether through sales or investment is a great position to be in.

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