Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Dares Wins...

I arrived for a meeting in Toronto which is gearing up for the G20 Summit later this week and when I got to my hotel I was surprised to find the lobby thronging with people and a noise level that would rival most sporting events. No I hadn't come upon the Anti-Globalization crowd getting ready for whatever it is they will be protesting against this time, rather to my surprise it was the "G20 Young Entrepreneurs" who have a side meeting at the summit. If their enthusiasm and high spirits are any indication of their entrepreneurial talents then it is likely I maneuvered my way through some future innovators who will join the likes of Google and Facebook in the pantheon of the truly disruptive.

It was a timely reminder that it is the entrepreneurial spirit that will lift us out of this global recession and catapult us into the next phase of expansion. This spirit, however, cannot and should not be reserved for the basements and garages across the globe or be the preserve of the young and tech savvy. Rather everyone whether in organizations large or small needs to take a new look at how they do business and ask themselves the questions "Does my business model still work?" or "What can I do to shake up the segment I am in?".

We all need to have the same enthusiasm as the "Young Entrepreneurs".

We all need to imbue our organizations with a spirit of "can do!"


  1. Being entrepeneurial is definitely a trait of top performing reps

  2. Absolutely! Even "not for profits" are focused on instilling cultures focused on entepeneurial behavior.